The UpSide is a gathering spot for positive thinkers and doers who aren’t afraid to change themselves so they can change the world.

I’m Nancy Zugschwert (Nancy Z. for short) and the host of this blog. I am beyond excited that you’ve stopped by to visit and I want this to be a place where you know you’ll always find things to think about, laugh about and maybe even pray about.

The world is crazy right now, but we’re here and we’re here for a reason. I say that each of us can make our corner of the world better by choosing to be better. When we are willing to grow and change we can inspire others to do the same.

My faith in Christ is central to who I am and  I know that influences my worldview. I hope this will be a place where we can learn from each other and have great discussions no matter where we’re coming from. There are some ground rules (see Welcome to the UpSide) to help us keep the UpSide on the upside.

According to legend, I was a late talker as a child, but my parents like to clarify, “Once she started, she never stopped.” Fortunately, I learned to love words and along the way figured out how to put those words together effectively. What I love best is taking a difficult message and making it positive. If i can make someone laugh—even better!

I’ve been communicating most of my life and for 25+ of my…um…total years…have used my skills in training & development, marketing & communications, public speaking and writing for both for-profit and non-profit organizations and many volunteer gigs.

I live with Prince Charming in St. Paul, Minnesota. I call him Jimmy Z. He’s been my husband and best friend since 1985. We are parents to four terrific sons, ages 25 to 15, who daily inspire me to be a better person. Two of our four boys live with us and our dog Gigi; two went and grew up and one even got married, so now I have a daughter, too.

Thanks again for stopping by. Enjoy the UpSide!