UpSide down—grab some cheese and whine


I swore it wouldn’t come to this. I would never be one of those people…you know, the ones who start a blog and then let it die. No siree, I was going to start strong and stay strong.

I did (start strong) but I didn’t (stay strong). There are lots of reasons. Want some?

  1. I found getting up at 4:30 in the morning to write for 1-2 hours a day unsustainable.
  2. When I stopped writing in the morning, I found writing in the evening took time away from my family.
  3. Since I hadn’t yet figured out my niche/product/reason for doing this, my blog was definitely a hobby and not an income source, so it was hard to justify taking that time away from my family (especially when I would spend 2–3 hours on a post and see that it had been viewed maybe 27 times).
  4. I have about 100 subscribers to my newsletter (OK, more like 96 since I subscribed myself via four different email addresses—you know, to test it). I am soooooooo grateful for the friends and family and a few strangers who hopped in to follow what I wrote. Sometimes you would comment (thanks, Mom…and a few others). Sometimes you would tell me in person that you liked it. It was encouraging, but wasn’t quite enough to build my online empire. (Did you know if you search for “the upside” on Google we show up at the end of page 6?)
  5. I started a job that filled a creative void that existed when I began the blog, and was a little more demanding. So I have less energy each day to face the blank page.
  6. Just like writing can become a habit, not writing can become a habit, too. Starting up again is a little bit (or a lot) like starting your exercise program after taking two weeks off for vacation.
  7. If I’m really honest (and I am not looking for affirmation or “there-theres” in sharing this), I really can’t find, consistently, what I have to share that needs to be heard in addition to all the “noise” that is out there already. And believe me, there is a lot of noise.
  8. If I’m really, really honest, I have found it very hard to write like an UpSider lately. When I sit down to write I actually feel very maternal and lecturey and want to slap vast amounts of people for their horrible attitudes and horrible rhetoric on social media and the interwebs. I want to gloriously point the way to a better way to think and behave, but then think, nah; what do I know?

So there are a few of my reasons. None of them great, but they are the ones I have. I budgeted my whole evening to write and after two hours of procrastinating I decided I just need to write something, anything. This is what’s coming out—not exactly my finest work and possibly quite off the mark under “the UpSide” brand.

I’m still not ready to throw in the towel or sell my domain. But I am talking to God a lot to see if He wants me to do something with this little platform. I’m kind of hoping for an audible from Him, but in the meantime I’m also trying not to feel guilty each day…week…month that I don’t post anything again.

Thus ends my first downside of the UpSide post.

And if you read all the way here, please know I’m still crazy grateful for you.

Nancy Z.

14 Comments on “UpSide down—grab some cheese and whine”

  1. Ben

    Wow. You are one of the most transparent people I know. I don’t know what words of encouragement to breathe into you except to say this: I’ve been working at building business for 3 years. I, too, have let my blog fall away as God has nudged me in other directions. I have had some huge failures (you got to see one of them from the inside out), and yet I still find incremental success compared to yesterday. Keep doing the right things and things will end up right.

  2. Tom Revoir

    I give you credit for your efforts. Not trying to be political, but since the election, the air is full of shock, fear and discontent. My wife and I noticed it in the stores prior to Christmas. A quiet like shopping in a church.

    Thank you,

    1. Nancy

      You’re right, Tom. There is definitely an odd feeling out there right now, and each of us has a chance daily to influence it. Thanks for stopping by the UpSide! Nancy Z.

  3. Stephanie

    I have appreciated all of your upside posts, and I equally appreciate that you haven’t posted when you felt you had nothing worth saying, or the vibe wasn’t right. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

    1. Nancy

      Hey Stephanie! As one who often speaks when perhaps I shouldn’t, maybe this UpSide silence is something I can learn from. Thanks for your support! Nancy Z.

  4. Heather

    all. valid. reasons.

    I blog the state fair, its only 12 days and I struggle to keep up.

    I read your posts. I find value in them. Maybe take the pressure off and just post when you are inspired to do it! When you’re inspired, there is less effort and it’s meaningful!

    Take care of you and share what you can!

    1. Nancy

      Thank you, Heather! I love your blog and the great burst of energy you get for that 12-day blitz! I will take your advice to heart and share when I can. Nancy Z.

  5. Sara

    Blogging is just plain hard. Blogging regularly is even harder, especially when you have a great new job. Hoping that you can return to this when you want to, and because you have something you’re burning to share, not because of a sense of obligation. Always enjoy what you have to say, and no judgment on when or how often you want to share.

    1. Nancy

      Thanks, Sara. Always glad to see you in this space! I think we’ll get a few more posts out in the year ahead, but I appreciate the encouragement to share when there’s something there and not worry when there’s not! Blessings! Nancy Z.

  6. Diana Knutzen

    Nancy, If you sense God’s leading in blogging, obey and trust Him for the outcome. If you are not sure about when/how often to blog, you can still blog from your heart whenever you have something to say and the time to say it, then trust Him for the outcome, for you are His child. I would guess that no one is keeping a calendar of when you blog, but you! I enjoy your posts whenever they come because I can relate to how you think and I care for you!

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