THE UPSIDE was born through a love of yoga, so today we celebrate International Yoga Day with a catch up with our friend and fellow yogi Kate Kendall co-owner of Flow Athletic, Paddington NSW.

When did you first start practising and when did you know this was your life/career path?

I started practising around 15 years ago at The Dharma Shala in North Bondi. I got into it out of vanity and stayed for the mental benefits. When I got into yoga I wasn't in a great place mentally and had been on anti-depressants for a few years. After a month of consistent practice, I came off the meds and have never looked back. Yoga is my medicine - in all of its aspects.

What happens to your body and mind your when you practise yoga?

Depending on the type of yoga you're doing regularly; you can expect to get physically strong, more flexible or 'open' and you can often experience what we'd call a 'yoga stone' after practice, where your whole body feels both alive, yet relaxed. And this is also partly due to the breath awareness and a greater sense of 'presence' or being in the now. When we're 'in the now' or aligned to the moment, we're less likely to stress the small stuff, we feel more at ease (both mentally and physically) and we're able to make smarter lifestyle choices that include who we hang out with and what foods we eat.

Do you set an intention before your practice and what is it

I used to always set an intention before practice. And still do if I feel inspired to, but from now it's way more about being open and starting the practice with a 'prayer' that goes something like this, "Dear (insert your choice of God, Source, The Great Mystery etc); where would you have me go, who would you have me meet and what would you have me do?" Or another way to say this is "how can I be of service?" In this way, we're less about forcing an agenda on the body in practice and more open to every moment, that continues post practise. The universe is intentional so why not be 'awake' to it.

Kate has recently released a book called Life in Flow, click HERE to purchase your signed copy

For more on Flow Athletic and to check out Kates Classes: WWW.FLOWATHLETIC.COM.AU