Photographer, Yoga teacher and humanitarian Fredrika Akander has the ultimate style in dressing for comfort in an elevated way. For this Swede, activewear has always been a wardrobe staple which she weaves into her daily style, she shows us how.

“I take my active wear from day to night by switching up a shirt for a colourful sports bra under a sleek blazer”

Go-to look for date #2?

I'm a big believer in being comfortable on dates. Doesn’t matter how good an outfit looks, if something is itchy, squeezing or in any way uncomfortable just don’t wear it, it will make you crazy! I love to wear my favourite pair of jeans, boots and a tee!

Favourite way to accessorise your activewear? 

With lots of jewellery! I’ll pop all my rings and necklaces on on my way out of the studio and I’ll feel just like myself again.

“THE UPSIDE leggings are the most versatile item in my wardrobe, I wear them in the morning to Pilates or yoga and throw on a big knit or jacket during the day!"

Are you all about prints or like to keep things sleek & simple or both? 

Both!! I love a good print but I think everyone needs one or two basics sets in their wardrobes as well!

How do you take activewear from Day to Night?

Switch your regular tank top for a sports bra under a blazer!

"Jewellery is my favourite way to accessorise my swim or activewear. I’ll pop all my rings and necklaces on my way out the door and I feel like myself again"

On what occasions are we most likely to find you sporting activewear?

Everyday. Even days when I don’t work out. Since I work a lot from home I tend to wear my leggings with a big hoodie as my work uniform.

How do you like to make activewear your own?

That’s tricky to answer because activewear has always been a staple in my wardrobe so I couldn’t really imagine NOT wearing it, its just constantly a part of my everyday life because of my lifestyle. I think because of my background in yoga I tend to wear lots of yoga activewear (as opposed to really high tech performance gear) and I just pair it with my other regular clothes like my doc martens, big sunnies and an oversized knit! Or in summer a big linen shirt over shorts and a crop!