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Our yoga pants for women are the ultimate in zen fashion. Bringing together the best materials, most inspired designs and an undeniably comfortable fit, our yoga pants achieve a perfect harmony of effortless style and powerful wearability. Slip into a pair and see for yourself.

We believe sports fashion should be an experience - one that you look forward to. On those days you don’t feel like you have the strength to contort yourself into twisted pigeon pose, the prospect of slipping into your beloved pair of yoga pants can be enough motivation to get you moving. It’s amazing how looking great can make you feel even better.

Don’t believe us? Then you’ve never tried our yoga pants. If you think you found love with a pair of yoga pants before, you haven’t experienced the TLC of our designs. Body hugging and figure slimming, butt lifting and soul expanding, the colours and cuts of our women’s yoga pants may very well be the first step towards fashion enlightenment. If you thought you knew how great your body could feel in gym gear, you don’t know the half of it. It's time to have your mind blown.

There’s total sublimation in finding the perfect pair of yoga pants. You’ll want to wear them all the time, and thanks to the transcendent nature of our styles, you can. Our women’s yoga pants look great paired with barefeet and studio wraps, running shoes and sweaters, or sandals and tanks. Like all great style (and like all great yoga practices), our gear is made to defy and surpass limitations.

From capris to crops and from studio to street, your look is perfectly positioned for maximum performance and uncompromising style. Get ready to align your chakras and redefine your body: slip into a pair of our women’s yoga pants.