Come behind the scenes with us

Come behind the scenes with us

This summer The Upside takes you away to another time and another place. A place where passion runs hot, warm nights won’t quit and colour reigns supreme, bienvenido La Casa Azul. Otherwise known as, The Blue House after its striking cobalt walls, the lifelong home of the late artist and activist, Frida Kahlo, this collection represents a revolutionary cultural icon and her indelible aesthetic.

Frida’s mesmerising use of vivid colour and eccentric symbolism has inspired this season’s high summer ‘17 collection which reinterprets traditional Mexican patterns in a manner that marries Western styling with contemporary LA street style.

With her fiery influence pervading both the artistic and political spheres, Frida’s persona was as dynamic and brazenly captivating as her self portraits. It is these representations of her own physicality that the collection references with lashings of black and flamboyant florals. A hopeless romantic and an ardent activist, Frida was both a lover and a fighter. The dichotomy of her life is manifest in the collection’s dramatic use of contrast. The unexpected patterns in unexpected palettes of Casa Azul 17 are evocative of the individualism and whimsy of Kahlo’s works.

Frida was as ballsy as she was soulful. She boldly made public her most unnerving private truths. Beset by tragedy in her personal life, Frida’s explicitly emotive artistry is a testament to wilful defiance, taking her lemons and making lemonade. The collection’s daring use of colour and remixed Mexican patterns is a nod to this very audacity.

Frida was a rebel with a cause, and it is this spirited resilience and imaginative worldview that makes her the ultimate The Upside muse in both substance and style.