Friday rolls around and my MAAT delivery hits my desk. Am I excited? Yes! Am I ready for a mat to change my whole week ahead? No.

GRAZIA magazine said, “Once you go MAAT you never go back.” A truer statement has never been uttered.

Sure, I’ve tried some great mats, there are many out there, don’t get me wrong. They will definitely still be in my line up but this might have taken the position as favourite.

On Sunday morning I had set my intention to make this flow the one that got me back into my groove after months of on-and-off again practice, trying to be kind to myself and going with the flow of what my body was feeling daily.



MAAT is named after the ancient Egyptian concepts of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality and justice. MAAT is also a goddess that embodies these concepts, regulated the stars and the seasons. I’m ready to let this energy into my session.

I roll my mat out and the first thing I notice is how great it looks in my room, matching my surrounds so effortlessly, like it was designed to be there all along, and how it matched against my leggings. It was so soothingly chic and put together.

The next thing you really notice is the quality, the weighting feels great, holding the mat in place – and made sustainably. It’s made from natural tree rubber, which is recyclable and biodegradable, as well as sustainably sourced in Malaysia by a process called rubber tapping.

As I continue to practice, I notice my hands and feet, which often get a little sweaty, don’t slip, I feel like my experience of movement is much smoother than usual from the beautiful velvety finish applied onto of the rubber.

I finish my practice and I really feel inspired like I haven’t in a while. My mat has been left rolled out for my practice tomorrow morning, because, why not.

Nora Shkreli, PR and Communications





Jade Yoga Mats

These eco-friendly mats are a favourite of our founder Jodhi, with good reason. They provide an incredible grip and comfort, perfect for yogis who are honing their practice and also available in an array of colours.

Zone by Lydia

I was given this mat as a gift when I first started practicing. Made from 100% sustainable cork leather and natural rubber. The cork surface has a smooth and natural feel with medium grip and guide lines are for perfect alignment when you’re starting out




Tell us a little bit about yourself – some background info? 

I moved back to Melbourne, Australia in March 2020 after an 8.5 year stint in NYC working as a Freelance Fashion Director/Creative Director+Artist – working for global brands such as Nike, Adidas, Amarni, and publications such as Document Journal, V Magazine , SSENSE, Vogue and CR Fashion Book. The unpredictable turn of events that transpired after the first wave of Covid-19,  saw me impulsively packing up my life in NYC and getting on a plane 3 days later! Little did I know that it (Covid-19) was the much needed external ‘push’ I needed to transform.


You launched MAAT in 2020 – first of all wow, what was it about 2020 that inspired you?

It became apparent whilst living in NYC that I couldn’t find a decent designed Yoga / Pilates Mat that was both contemporary in design,  yet sustainable and ethically made.

During my first 14 days of quarantine ( and the never ending lockdowns that followed in Melbourne )  I started to really understand the importance of maintaining a balanced life for mental and emotional well-being .

 MAAT’s simple philosophy was founded around inspiring new ways of being – committed to bring about more consciousness to everyday life. I wanted to inspire people to be their best selves because sometimes it’s hard to make the changes we most need.

‘If we want to change the world, we must first change our world.’ – MAAT  was born out of this place.


What were your first products and how have they developed into the mats we know and love today?

There was a long process initially involved in MAAT’s prototype development. The actual design process took over 8 + months of designing, proto-typing, sampling, testing, and refining for MAAT’s first launch collection. I designed over 80 different prints over a period of 4 months, eliminating and refining during the course.


Your logo is beautiful and very unconventional, one of our favourites! Who did you work with to help build your strong brand identity? 

Thankyou! My time spent working in the Fashion Industry has leveraged the needed skills to help build up a strong brand identity for MAAT.  I think my experience has intuitively informed the process in an organic and natural way.

For the logo and packaging design I hired Daanen Nootenboom at Applied Arts (a Melbourne based multi-disciplinary Design Agency).


Are there any secret products in the pipeline for 2022 and beyond? 

I am in the process of diversifying the MAAT product range. I will be releasing a range of resistance/ fitness bands shortly along with a lighter Travel Mat to the collection. In time I hope to offer a dynamic range of yoga, fitness and wellness related products and accessories.


What is your best business advice for young entrepreneurs?

You have to be willing to make sacrifices – especially in such early stages of launching a business.

To be open, flexible and adaptable – you have to be willing to pivot direction or course sometimes if ideas or strategies are unsuccessful.

Surround yourself with people that believe in you and that want the best for you.


How do you practice self care?  

I meditate every day and make sure I have at least one day during the week of doing absolutely nothing!


Can you share any of your personal goals for 2022/2023?

I would like spend a substantial amount of time next year overseas ( for work and pleasure ). I have recently moved into a great studio  / office space so I am hoping to spend some more time pursuing some of my other creative outlets – painting, photography, sculpture etc.


Do you believe in the power of manifestation? 

Very much so! It is the law of the universe ?