Bright and early Tuesday, a swathe of mindful media movers and shakers traded back to back meetings for a more fluid pace and head-to-toe THE UPSIDE. Amid the dappled sunlight of the charming Chiswick restaurant, an intimate assortment of THE UPSIDE crew came together to remember the quiet confidence and powerful calm a bit of self-love in the early hours can achieve. The likes of Kellie Hush, Nadia Fairfax and Saasha Burns were greeted in the courtyard with cascading florals bursting from above. The exotic aroma of palms, lilies and wild roses shared the spotlight with our cute-as refreshment cart serving seriously good coffee and seriously cool Glaceau Smart Water.

Once caffeine hit the bloodstream, we made our way to the sun room where THE UPSIDE’s yogi crush, Kate Kendall guided us through a moving meditation replete with Persian carpets, slick black mats and of course, more wild roses. Kate was a natural choice to take charge of our tired minds and tight muscles because she embodies the soulful sense of balance and easy authenticity that we admire. Together with trainer, Ben Lucas, Kate opened Flow Athletic, a studio that adopts an integrative approach to physical well-being that combines strength, yoga and cardio fitness for a complete workout for mind, body and soul.

With empty heads and good vibes flowing we turned our attention to breakfast, where the crew sipped green juices and dined on all the Sunday morning non-negotiables, hand-rolled croissants, homemade granola and avocado toast to name but a few! With morning light streaming through the French windows, the convivial meal made for a delightful finale with our extended THE UPSIDE family. Empty heads, satiated stomachs, morning light and laughter - there really was no more perfect way to validate our #ownthemorning ethos than putting it in to practice.