The Upside & Moda Familia introduce the kids muscle tank

Nothing says HOLIDAYS like summer fun with the family. And because all good things come in small packages, we’ve made our trademark muscle tanks mini for the little people in your life. After all, happiness is cute kids in our muscle tanks. With sizes ranging from 2-10, your little ones (who, let’s face it, already own the morning) can now be the coolest kid at kindergarten in our best-selling style. To mark our foray into kidswear we teamed up with the very grown up editorial maestros at Moda Familia who teed up a few playdates with some impossibly adorable families.

Kate and Dave Darvill put the omg-wow-just-how-do-you-do-it in power couple.

At the helm of Australia’s best loved fashion magazine, Vogue senior fashion editor, Kate makes people look their best with virtuoso flair. Meanwhile, Dave, the enterprising gym owner behind Fit1, devotes his energies to making people feel their best. Throw not one, but two sets of totally divine twins in there (Matilda and Jack, Olive and Stella - have you ever?!) and you have real-life superheroes who truly own their every waking moment. It’s this look good, feel good sixsome that intrinsically showcase our new range designed for the happy madness of family life.

Next up we have the ever elegant, Natalie DeCorte and her three children Indigo, Blaise and Cassian.

A former ballerina and babing Bondi mama, DeCorte is now an indispensable part of her husband’s lifestyle and event empire, a balance she strikes with such humour and grace she may fool you into believing the juggle is easy.

Lucky last, we meet the Byron Bay based Fullarton family.

When she’s not raising gorgeous Arlo, Ottilie, and Agnes, Amelia is a sought after photographer whose light and natural aesthetic seems as effortless as her approach to family life. It is the Fullerton’s busy yet simple way of beach living that brings a cool, calm and collected take on having your hands full.

Byron, Bondi and beyond, every family is different, crazy and happy in their own way and we’re so excited to play a small part in the big adventures of families everywhere.