With her pixie cool looks and fresh chameleon style Sarah Ellen is a firm favourite of fashion lovers (and for good reason!). A fixture at fashion weeks from Sydney to Paris, just how does Sarah make a look her own? THE UPSIDE breaks it down.

Breakfast date in the early Spring? Sarah has just the approach to say ‘not trying too hard’ but at the same time looking pretty flawless. Own the morning and start with our sexy but cute Army Leopard Ballet Bra, then give a glimpse of the perfect ratio of midriff by pairing it with our high waisted Sage Shorts. When in doubt, follow the cardinal rule of “off-duty” dressing and err on the side of the unexpected like layering your form fitting lycra with oversized tailoring, we recommend an old-school blazer, vintage bomber or men’s sports coat. To really make an impression, do as Sarah does and clash prints (exhibit A: Army Leopard meets 80’s era plaid). He won’t know what’s hit him.

A great way to achieve that effortlessly “fashion” look without spending your house deposit is to play with layers. While creativity is encouraged, there is an art to getting it just right, luckily we can save ourselves the trial and error and cheat sheet our way to serious style by taking Sarah’s lead. First take a cropped vintage tee, then pair with our Dance Yoga Pant whose double binds keep with the outfit’s retro feeling. Add a touch of tomboy and layer with our Harlem Hoodie. Fashion may be fickle but there are a few classics that never say die, and a well-cut camel trench is one such item. Sarah has elevated this otherwise sporty look by layering said trench over the ensemble for a look that is both nonchalant and oh so chic. Voila!

What does your standard Sunday beauty routine consist of ?

My beauty routine doesn’t change due to what day of the week it is - I like to keep it pretty consistent. I love using a moisturising mask in the morning before I do anything as my skin gets pretty dehydrated through the night. Sun screen is a MUST everyday too, I apply it all over my face and décolletage. It’s important to protect your skin from UV rays as the sun is the fastest cause for ageing!

Most versatile piece in your wardrobe ?

My blue jeans! Love seeing what I can do with them and how each look can change so drastically just from adding different tops and shoes.

How do you take activewear from Day to Night?

Mmm! Its pretty easy to dress activewear up to a night look. I usually do by wearing some bike shorts and dressing it up with a vintage shirt through out the day and then adding some jewellery into the night.

Favourite way to accessorise your activewear?

I love adding a bold gold hoop!

Are you all about prints or like to keep things sleek & simple or both?

Depends what mood I’m in. Sometimes more is more!

On what occasions are we most likely to find you sporting activewear?

Almost everyday, I like to workout every day if I can squeeze it in. Its important for me to make time for it, not just for my physical health but for mental health too.

How do you like to make activewear your own?

I don't like to think of it as “activewear”. I just think if it as more clothes to add to my wardrobe. Therefore not restricting the occasions on which I wear them!