Jodhi’s Treasure Trove for Rare Antiques & Inspiration

Jennifer Cullen opened FOUR WINDS GALLERY in 1981 in Double Bay, Sydney specialising in hand made Native American art and is renown to have one of the most incredible antique Native jewellery collections internationally.

Jodhi has been a long time collector of these precious pieces and we wanted to incorporate their magic and symbolism into what we do at THE UPSIDE.

“Hand made by Native American Indian Tribes including the Navaho, Hopi and the Zuni people, each piece carries meaning. Having no written language, wearable body art was very important to these tribes as this meant that everything needed to be a visual representation, a message of their culture and spirituality” - Jennifer Cullen

With their natural artistic flare and craftsmanship, this art developed over the years with the introduction of silver in the late 1800’s which is now used to house the precious stones, notably Turquoise.

“Symbolising prosperity health and wisdom, Turquoise or the “Sky Stone” is believed to be unending, like the Sky, it is also the birthstone for Sagittarius” - Jennifer Cullen

There is much symbolism in each piece, that revolves around prosperity and abundance such Squash blossoms, eagles, frogs and rainbows, also the butterfly signifying new beginnings.

For us the Arrow has been a central inspiration for THE UPSIDE, it is directional, about keep on the path and being able to focus on where you are going.