The Upside X Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

A wellness morning hosted by Nadia Fairfax

We teamed up with Samsung to launch their new Galaxy Watch Active and the latest collection “Protect your Magic’ with a wellness morning hosted by Nadia Fairfax and a class lead by Flow Athletics’ Ryan Cairns and Kate Kendall in Centennial Park in Sydney.

Hosted by Nadia Fairfax, at the beautiful Centennial Park in Sydney, we went through both a vigorous workout as well as a calm yoga session to demonstrate the functions of this incredible device, that can help you manage not only your physical fitness, but your emotional, mental and nutritional wellbeing. Set your goals whether they be a focus on fitness or helping to reduce stress through sleep management or meditation on the calm app and the device will help you manage them.

“I feel that the space that Samsung is in, by creating a wearable allows people to tap into their needs whether it be fitness, nutrition or through the incredible calm and breathing app, gives people another way to work daily on their goals and maintain a healthy balance.”- Jodhi Meares.

At THE UPSIDE we are really wanting people to look and feel their best and approach this in a holistic manner. The company was founded through a love of yoga and the outdoors, from being inspired to connect with nature and remain fit and healthy at the same time. This leads to an overall sense of well-being, something we do need to work on daily in the busy pace of life.

THE UPSIDE’S latest collection is a little spiritual and titled “Protect your Magic” was inspired by nature and the magical wild. We wild things must feel free to be our truest selves, flaws and all, because perfection isn’t interesting but authenticity is. It pays homage to the beauty of the individual and, as always, the majesty of mother earth.

Special thanks to Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, Ovvio Organic Tea’s and Flow Athletic.