When it comes to effortless, unexpected and downright enviable style nobody does it better than Yan Yan Chan. Insta-famous for her low key looks that are high on cool Yan Yan is one of fashion’s most sought after content maestros. To mark the launch of The Upside’s spring/summer 2018 Yan Yan took a turn behind the lens lending her creative mastermind to collaborate with us on everything from concept and casting to personally photographing the shoot she directed. The finished product? A poetic portrayal of empowered, modern women who are as diverse as they are striking in their fiery prints that “pop”, punchy primary colour combos and, of course, French Camo. It IS in this way that Yan Yan is emblematic of the The Upside woman because for all her photogenic allure and unique chic there is so much more than meets the eye.